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Strangest animal rescues shown in RSPCA pictures

From being tangled up in nets, trapped under floorboards of stuck in a toaster, these animals got in some pretty tricky situations before being rescued by the RSPCA.
This 6-week-old kitten was nicknamed Macavity after being found in the space between floorboards. No one knew how it got there: mysterious!
This cheeky mouse was nearly toast but was pulled to safety, albeit with a breadcrumb stuck to it.
Mouse in a toaster.
This deer's leg had to be cut free from a football net.
Deer with leg caught in football net.
This curious dog had nowhere to go after trapping his head in an air vent. It took ages to free it safely.
Dog with head stuck in vent.
This poor hedgehog got a bit tangled up in a badminton net before being cut free. All the animals in this gallery were rescued and survived.
Hedgehog tangled in net.
This dog called Emma got in trouble when taking a bath. She got her paw stuck in the plughole so to free her foot the plug had to come out too.
Dog with paw stuck in plughole