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Pictures: Australia bushfires worst day yet

Images from New South Wales in Australia where fire crews are still battling to control bushfires raging across the state.
Firefighters have been back-burning - controlled burning of key areas - to stop the fires travelling in a certain direction.
Rural Fire Service firefighter sprays water on to a fire burning a home in the Blue Mountains suburb of Faulconbridge. 22 Oct 2013
There are fears that the fires could threaten Sydney. This Nasa satellite image shows smoke from the Blue Mountains wafting over the city.
Nasa satellite image shows smoke from bushfires burning near Sydney
The fires have been burning since Thursday and a state of emergency was declared at the weekend.
Rural Fire Service firefighters spray water on fire near home in the Blue Mountains suburb of Faulconbridge
More than 200 homes have been destroyed - including here in Winmalee - and residents in other areas have been told to evacuate.
Statue stands outside a burnt out home in Winmalee. 22 Oct 2013
Jennifer Schweinsberg and her son David returned to Winmalee to survey the damage. Many families have lost everything.
Jennifer Schweinsberg with her son David looks at her gutted house in Winmalee. 22 Oct 2013
Strong winds and rising temperatures are threatening to spread bushfires already raging across parts of New South Wales in Australia.
Firefighter hoses down the flames in a back-burn at Faulconbridge. 22 Oct 2013
Hundreds more firefighters have been brought in, working in shifts to tackle the 59 fires burning across the state, 19 of which are out of control.
Firefighters on standby at Blackheath Fire Station in Lithgow, Australia. 22 Oct 2013
The battle to save this property in Faulconbridge in the Blue Mountains was fought right into the back garden.
Fire in backyard in Faulconbridge. 22 Oct 2013
Many animals have been killed but others have been rescued. This injured and orphaned baby wallaby - dubbed Phoenix - is being cared for in Castlereagh.
Baby wallaby rescued from the fires. 22 Oct 2013