Second rare giant fish found on beach in California

Last updated at 06:52
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A second giant oarfish washes up on a beach...

A second oarfish has been found on a beach in California - which scientists say is unusual because it's so rare to spot the creatures.

This latest fish measures 4.3 metres (14ft) and it was found on a beach in Oceanside; five days earlier a 5.5 metres (18ft) oarfish was found in South Catalina.

The experts are baffled because the creatures are usually found deep in the ocean, in fact they can dive to around 5,000ft.

Tests on the first fish show that it showed no signs of disease and had been eating well.

Scientists are going to study the creatures to try to find out what happened to them, and why they both ended up washed up.

See the video of the first oarfish that washed up.