Hyundai car that can 'grow' food using water emissions

Last updated at 11:25
The Hyundai car that grows food

Cars - for getting you to a mate's house, or going to school. Not for growing your dinner, right?

Wrong: a new car's been unveiled at London's Design Museum that - its makers claim - can do just that.

Carmaker Hyundai has created a vehicle that only emits clean water vapour - instead of gases like carbon dioxide that regular cars emit.

The water vapour is then filtered into a fish tank and minerals from the fish waste are used to grow plants.

The food grown by the car today will be cooked by top chef Tom Hunt later at a special event.

It's not what the car would be normally used for, but Hyundai says growing food using it highlights the benefits of hydrogen fuel cell technology - the tech that makes car emissions cleaner and more environmentally friendly.