Caimans cause conundrum for Rio 2016 Olympics

Last updated at 12:05
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Check out the caimans causing chaos in Brazil...

Alligator-like caimans have made their home in Rio de Janeiro, giving Olympic organisers a bit of a headache.

Up to 6,000 of the large lizards are thought to be living in a huge lagoon system west of the city in Brazil.

Rio has been chosen to host the next Olympic Games in 2016 but the caimans have taken up residence near to a key Olympic site.

The site is the location of the Olympic village, which is where all the athletes will stay during the Games.

Experts think that the caimans have been attracted to the lagoon because pollution there has warmed up the water.

The founder of the Caiman Institute, Ricardo Freitas, said: "High temperature is a positive factor for the animal. A big problem would be the lack of food, but people feed them."

Five feet long

Caimans are usually about five feet (1.5m) long but some of the older males can grow to twice that size.

Olympic athletes shouldn't be worried however, as luckily caimans aren't considered to be a danger to humans. They're smaller and less aggressive than alligators or crocodiles.

Conservationists say the Olympic Committee is figuring out the best way to handle their presence but with the 2016 only a few years away they'd better make it snappy!