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Comments: How often do you see your grandparents?

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See our report on loneliness.

According to the Campaign to End Loneliness, there are 800,000 people in England who are chronically lonely.

Many of them are older people and five million people say television is their main form of company.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is highlighting the issue and says families should do more to look after older people.

Labour has accused of him trying to blame families for the government's failures.

In the UK there are organisations like the Royal Voluntary Service which encourage people to befriend older people who might be lonely.

In China there is a law that orders people to visit their older relatives or face being taken to court.

Mr Hunt is not suggesting a law to make people look after older people.

But he does say people in the UK could learn from Asian cultures where "residential care [care home] is a last rather than a first option".

Opposition health MP Liz Kendall said there are already a lot of families who care for relatives but they need government support too.

She said: "Jeremy Hunt and David Cameron need to take responsibility for their government's actions rather than trying to turn the clock back and say it's down to families alone."

Your comments

My grandparents live abroad so I don't see them very much but when I do it is always lovely. I know that we and they always make enough time for us to see each other about 3-4 times a year.

Astrid, Canterbury, England

I see my grandparents pretty much every day because I live with them.

Emily, Cornwall, England

I see my grandparents once a week, every Sunday, but on special days I will go there for celebrations or they will come to mine. I love spending time with them because it makes me happy.

Isma, Birmingham, England

I see my grandparents either in the holidays or when they come over to us.

Jessica, London, England

I see them every week because I check how they are.

Matthew, Kent, England

I see my grandparent a few times a month.

Joseph, Birmingham, England

I only get to see my grandma once every two weeks and she is lonely so I think I should see her every week!

Douglas, Maidstone, England

I see my grandparents every day because they just live up the street.

Tazz, Keighley, England

I see my grandparents all week except for the weekend. I enjoy seeing my gran and granda.

Erin, Glasgow, Scotland

I don't see them because they live on the other side of the world, but we always call them about four days a week or something like that.

Rana, Glasgow, Scotland

I see my grandparents quite a lot. One of my grandparents might be lonely if I didn't see them as they live on their own.

Ellie-Mai, Rustington, England

I see my grandparents every morning for breakfast and they bring me to school. I like seeing them and they also come to lots of my golf tournaments.

Joe, Littlehampton, England

I see my grandparents once a week but sometimes I bump into them in the shops. It's really sad to see them leave. But it's a special time when I get to eat with them and eat pizza and chips.

Oliver, West Sussex, England

I only see my grandma twice a month and I'd really like to see her more, which hopefully I will.

Aiden, East Preston, England

I see my grandparents once or twice every month. I'd like to see them more but they live quite far from me.

Ciaran, Brighton, England

Sometimes I see my nan and grandad but not all the time because they live in Portsmouth. I only get to see them either once a month or twice a month and it makes me feel a bit upset, but if we haven't seen them in a long time they spoil us when we do see them.

Josh, Littlehampton, England

I live in Berlin and my grandparents live in England so we see each other about once every two years!! It's too little!!!

Clara, Berlin, Germany

I see my grandparents twice a week and sometimes in between so I think I see them enough.

Mohammed, Birmingham, England

We see our grandparents at least twice a week, sometimes more. We enjoy spending time with them.

Joshua and Tamzyn, Fife, Scotland

I see mine twice a week and stay with them every other week so I think I get to see them plenty.

Lauren, Buckingham, England

I usually see my grandparents every three years or so. I think that's a bit long between visits.

Aschton, Knaresborough, England

My grandparents live in Austria so we only see them every few years. However we chat with them on Skype every day.

Anisa, Birmingham, England

I see my grandparents at least twice a week.

Olivia, Northern Ireland