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Arsenal's new shirt and other wacky football kits

Arsenal have launched a funky new pre-match kit inspired by London Underground train seats. Have a look for yourselves as well as checking out some other eye-catching football kits from around the world.
Arsenal love a wacky shirt design. The North London club have just released a new training shirt influenced by the London Underground! Arsenal is the only football club with a Tube station named after it and the new shirts are based on the patterns on the seats of Piccadilly line trains. They're going to wear it before every match this season.
Arsenal training shirt.Getty Images
When Barcelona revealed their new kit for 2021, well, it raised a few eyebrows. One maroon leg, another blue - it all feels very medieval court Jester! Jest kidding - we are sure they'll be nobody's fool!
Barcelona-new-kitGetty Images
Bedale AFC have got our bellies rumbling with this away kit. The non-league club in North Yorkshire are sponsored by a local sausage maker which is why they've got this bangers-and-mash themed number. Have they s-mashed it or have they ended up looking a bit like silly sausages?
Manchester City called this kit "vibrant, disruptive and daring". It's definitely eye-catching, to say the least! Some people on Twitter said it looks like someone has spilled a drink or even that it looks a bit like a lolly. What do you think?
Sergio-Aguero-Raheem-Sterling-and-Leroy-Sane-in-Manchester-Citys-new-3rd-kit.Manchester City
It could be argued that Nigeria's kit for the 2018 World Cup was a little hard on the eyes, with white arrows on a bright green background. But fans all over the world loved it! The jersey was sold out in the UK shortly after it was released on the Nike website. Three million pre-orders meant that it was a favourite among fans who loved the colourful African design. It just goes to show that it's not always the simplest designs which are the favourites.
Even Lionel Messi, arguably one of the world's greatest footballers, can't escape a questionable outfit. In the 2012-13 season, Barcelona chose this sunrise design for their away kit. We wonder if crowds had to put on sunglasses to watch the players in these kits!
Lionel-Messi-and-Xavi.Getty Images
The 1990s saw some outrageous clothing designs - both on and off the pitch. Known as the 'bird poo kit', Norwich City actually kept this interesting attire for three whole seasons. Poor John Barnes - we don't think anyone deserves to be continually surrounded by such an eyesore!
John-Barnes-surrounded-by-Norwich-players-in-a-terrible-kit.Getty Images
Meet Jorge Campos - he was a Mexican goalkeeper and striker in the 1990s (an interesting combination of positions!). Not only that, but he had an interesting fashion sense too. Campos was allowed to design his own kits during his career for the team. Head down to the next image to see what horrid design he came up with...
Jorge-Campos.Getty Images
There's no reason a player should struggle to spot the goalie wearing this colourful outfit! Jorge was only 5 foot and 6 inches tall, which isn't particularly tall for a goalkeeper, so he probably needed the bright colours to distract the opposing strikers. Would you wear it?!
Jorge-Campos.Getty Images
Check out David Beckham on the right, in Manchester United's notorious grey shirt. Not just a fashion flop, the team blamed the strip for a dreadful first half display against Southampton in 1996 and changed it at half-time. The players claimed they couldn't see each other against the backdrop of the crowd.
beckham in grey shirtGetty Images
Sleeveless football shirts, Cameroon?! The team wore this number during the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations. However, the rest of the world was cruelly denied a glimpse of these tournament tops after Fifa banned the squad from wearing them at the World Cup later in same year - boo!
Cameroon-football-team-sleeveless-shirts.Getty Images
Hull City's mascot is a tiger which also appears on the logo. But some might say they took this a bit too far when the team introduced this tiger-themed kit in 1993. Any animal lovers out there - what do you think of it?!
Where's Tim Howard... Is he there? Oh wait, we didn't spot him in that camouflage jersey! 2011 saw Everton's keeper rocking this look - and it wasn't even the away kit. Well, at least if he conceded, it might have been easier to shrink into the background...
Tim-Howard-in-camouflage-kit.Getty Images
No wonder Dutch legend Ruud Gullit looks angry. No one wants to be seen in a kit like that, do they?! This was Chelsea's away kit between 1995 and 1996. There's certainly a lot going on in a very small space on that shirt.
Ruud-Gullit.Getty Images