Yeti could be a hybrid of polar bear and brown bear

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Leah looks into the yeti discovery...

The mystery of the yeti may finally have been solved after a scientist discovered its hairs are identical to an ancient polar bear.

Professor Brian Sykes from Oxford University carried out DNA tests on hairs thought to have come from yetis living in the Himalayas.

The hair exactly matched that of an ancient polar bear which lived 40,000 years ago. Prof Sykes believes that yetis may be a cross between polar bears and their close relatives, brown bears.

If the yeti is related to polar bears, Professor Sykes' research suggests it might be shorter than people thought, measuring around five feet in height.

He says that he was surprised by the results of his research, and that he needs to to more work to figure out what the results really mean.

What is a yeti?

Also known as the Abominable Snowman, the yeti is traditionally thought to be a tall apelike creature living in the Himalaya mountains of Nepal and Tibet.

Sightings of the yeti have been recorded for centuries, with climbers and locals reporting coming face-to-face with the hairy creature.

Alleged footprints of the yeti have been studied by scientists to try and learn more about the mystery creature but no-one, up to now, has been able to prove that it exists.