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Pictures: Day in pictures - 19 October

Pictures from the news on 19 October 2013.
Believers, dressed in purple, carry a replica of the painting of the "Lord of Miracles", Peru's most important Catholic religious icon, in a major procession through central Lima. The painting can be traced to the colonial era when an Angolan slave drew an image of a black Jesus Christ on the walls of a hut in a plantation of Pachacamila, near Lima. The image is known as the "Lord of Miracles", after an earthquake in the 17th century destroyed most of the city, leaving only that mural standing.
Group of people dressed in purple robes carry a painting
New Zealand players perform the Haka during their Bledisloe Cup rugby union match between the New Zealand All Blacks and Australia at the Forsyth Bar Stadium in Dunedin. Haka is a traditional 'war cry', dance or challenge from the Māori people of New Zealand. The players shout and stomp their feet in a rhythm. The team is famous for this pre-match routine.
New Zealand rugby team performing the Haka
This man is one of hundreds of people taking part in the 'Dream Parade' in Taipei in Taiwan. The parade takes place every year and organisers encourage groups to be as creative as possible with the costumes and floats.
Man wearing a costume