Cash-scoffing pooch gets $500 refund

Last updated at 15:37
Sundance the dog

The owner of a cash-scoffing pooch that ate $500 (about £300) has received a full refund.

Wayne Klinkel had left his dog Sundance in the car whilst at a restaurant in Colorado, United States.

The hungry dog decided it was dinnertime too and munched his way through five $100 notes that Wayne had left in the car.

Wayne had to collect all the shreds of his money from Sundance's droppings and send them to the US Treasury.

Sundance the dog
Expensive taste: Sundance loves cash

Luckily the US Treasury have sent Wayne a full refund in the form of a cheque.

But it looks like Wayne hasn't learned his lesson! Why is Sundance licking his cheque? Get it to the bank!

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