Chinese tourists given book of guidelines

Last updated at 11:49
A booklet issued by the China National Tourism Administration

Chinese tourists have been issued with a book of guidelines to advise them how to behave while on holiday.

The guidelines remind tourists to put rubbish in the bin, not to spit in the street and avoid forcing locals to take photos of you!

A man blowing snot out of his nose
Don't blow snot out of your nose in the street

The book also has some slightly unusual suggestions.

A boy taking lots of food from a buffet
Don't be greedy at the buffet

It says asking British people whether they have eaten is considered impolite, and that women who don't wear earrings in Spain are considered naked.

Do you follow these rules on holiday?

  • Do not touch antiques
  • Do not look dirty in public places
  • Do not shove a whole piece of bread in your mouth at once
  • Do turn off your mobile phone on a plane
  • Do arrive early for a banquet

China's National Tourism Administration issued the 64-page book on Wednesday to help tourists "abide by the norms of civilised tourist behaviour".