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80 Gromits to be sold for charity

A collection of over 80 colourful Gromit sculptures will be auctioned today for charity.
The giant Gromit sculptures were designed and decorated by artists and celebrities. The green-faced Gromit was designed by actress Joanna Lumley. It was damaged whilst on display in Bristol but has been repaired for the auction.
Dani Marlborough from Gromit Unleashed poses for a photograph among some of the giant Gromit sculptures
Can you spot the Gromit with green eyes? It was designed and painted by Zayn from One Direction.
The collection of Gromits
Which one would you choose if you could have one in your house? The "Where's Wallace?" Gromit was based on the popular children's books Where's Wally? by Martin Handford.
A Gromit with a stripy red and white outfit on.
Remember these colourful Gromit models that were on show all over the city of Bristol? Today they're being sold at auction to raise money for charity.
A lady in the middle of the colourful Gromit models
More than 80 Gromits are going on sale today to raise money for Bristol Children's Hospital.
The collection of Gromits