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Day in pictures: 2 October 2013

Striking images from around the world on 2 October 2013.
A new tiger cub relaxes with his mum moments after being born. It's the first cub to be born at the zoo for 17 years, but we don't know yet whether the cub is a boy or a girl.
Tiger mum and cub moments after being born
Driver Chris Ahearn and his Team Arrow colleagues make the final preparations to their solar powered car ahead of the 2013 World Solar Challenge. Over 25 teams from across the globe will compete in the 3000 km solar-powered vehicle race between Darwin and Adelaide, Australia.
Team Arrow putting together their solar panelled car
Children in India dress up as Mahatma Gandhi to celebrate the 144th anniversary of Gandhi’s birth. Gandhi campaigned for civil rights and freedom around the world and died in 1948.
Indian children dressed as Mahatma Gandhi
Major government-run attractions in America, such as the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, remain closed as the deadlock continues over how the country should spend its money.
Lincoln Memorial
The new series of The Voice is being recorded at Media City UK in Salford, and the BBC has shared this photo of the new coaches with us.
The new lineup for The Voice with Ricky, Sir Tom, Kylie and