The Syndicate Project interview - Xbox or PS4?

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Ricky looks at the Eurogamer Expo's top attractions

The battle of the consoles is hotting up - later this year Sony and Microsoft go head-to-head with the release of the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

So, we sent Ricky to the biggest gaming exhibition in Europe to soak up the latest gadgets and take look at what else the future has to hold!

He gets to check out a new headset that lets you get right inside the gaming experience.

Watch out for interviews with Louis Smith and The Syndicate Project too.

To enjoy the CBBC Newsround website at its best you will need to have JavaScript turned on.
Web exclusive: Tom Cassell of The Syndicate Project talks Xbox One, PS4

Xbox One or PS4?

So which of the two consoles do you reckon is the one to watch - and why?

  • Maybe you think the PS4 is the top dog?
  • Or will the Xbox One blow it out of the water?
  • Whatever you think, let us know - and tell us why!

We asked for your comments, here's what you had to say

I had an Xbox 360 and I think the Xbox One is a major let down but I LOVE the look of the PS4. Plus my favourite game is going to be released on the PS4.

Brandon, Coalville, England

I'm really looking forward to the Xbox One. It looks really cool!

Sophie, Derbyshire England

Ever since the first conferences it was PS4 for me. I'm even queuing on my birthday for it!

Charlotte, Devon, England

I looking forward to the PS4 because the graphics looks better!

Farhan, Loughborough, England

I think the Xbox One will sale to the seven sea more than PS4. The Xbox One has a better console and better save system now you can Skype and play video games at the same time! Also it has one of the best moderate controllers it is fit to feel like it's not even there also we don't need to use controllers for stand up play we have a sensor that see's our body. The Xbox One is a new generation to game city that is why the Xbox One is better than the PS4.

Nazaire, Atlanta, USA

They both look equally as good, so I will wait until they have both been reviewed and then make my decision.

Shaun, Rochdale, England

I'M SO THRILLED THAT XBOX ONE IS COMING! I'm a huge fan of XBOX, and I can't wait for the new one. My dad is buying one for his Christmas present.

Aidan, Beckenham, England

I'm an Xbox nerd, I can't wait for the Xbox One! It's going to be well better!

James, Gomersal, England

The PS4 looks absolutely brilliant. Can't wait!

Jay, North Walsham, England

Sure the PS3 wasn't as good as the Xbox but I think this time around Sony have the better console because it's cheaper and it has a better gpu. I'm a PC gamer but I might pick up the PS4.

Ben, Perth, Scotland

I think that Playstation 4 is better because I play on Playstation 1, 2, and 3 and they were just amazing and I don't believe that Xbox will be better.

Gracjan, Tipton, England

I'm looking forward to the PS4 because it is going to be 100x better than PS3, even though I love PS3!

Erin, Manchester, England