Ed Miliband says Daily Mail paper 'lied' about his dad

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Ricky reports on the disagreement

Top politician Ed Miliband has accused one of Britain's top newspapers of telling "lies" about his dad.

The Labour party leader says the Daily Mail newspaper lied when it wrote an article about his father, headlined "The man who hated Britain".

He wrote a letter to the paper about Saturday's article, printed in today's Daily Mail with part of the original article alongside it.

The paper says it stands by "every word" of its article.

A spokesman for the paper said today: "[Ralph Miliband] hated such British institutions as The Queen, the Church and the Army, and wanted a workers' revolution. Our readers have a right to know that."

Father's beliefs 'influenced his sons' - Daily Mail

Saturday's Daily Mail article suggested that the political beliefs of Ed's father Ralph Miliband, who died in 1994, may have influenced the Labour leader.

But Ed Miliband said: "I was appalled when I read the Daily Mail on Saturday and I saw them say he hated Britain. It's a lie.

"I'm even more appalled that they repeated that lie today and they've gone further and described my father's legacy as evil. Evil is a word reserved for particular cases and I wasn't willing to let that stand."

Prime Minister David Cameron said he could "understand" Ed Miliband's response, saying: "if anyone had a go at my father I would want to respond vigorously".