Thirty people rescued from boat fire on River Thames

Last updated at 12:42
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Martin reports on the story

Thirty people were rescued when a tourist boat on London's River Thames caught fire close to the Houses of Parliament.

Many people jumped into the river from the London Duck Tours craft - which can travel on both land and water.

All the passengers and crew were rescued by the emergency services and a passing tourist boat.

Paramedics said that those rescued were mainly "wet and cold" but some people had breathed in smoke.

Those on board are believed to have included visitors from the UK, Brazil, Russia, Australia and Sweden.

About "five or six" young children were thought to be among the passengers.

The damaged boat was pulled away from the scene and the fire service has begun an investigation into how the fire started.

London Duck Tours said on its website that its vehicles would not go on the river until the cause of the fire was discovered and its vehicles proven to be safe to go on the water.

They'll continue operating, but on land only.

The statement continued: "London Duck Tours operates a fully modernised fleet of nine vehicles that have been completely rebuilt and refurbished between 2002 and 2012."