How would you like to get around in the future?

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See the motorised skateboard in action

A weight sensing skateboard has been shown off at a tech-fair in America.

It has a top speed of 18 mph and can even climb hills!

So that's got us thinking about how we could travel around in the future.

Imagine a portable flying machine that could fit in your school bag or an app that turns your phone into a teleportation device!

What cool thing would you invent to make getting around, or to school, a bit more fun?

Check out the pictures you've sent us of your hi-tech transport designs.

Your Comments

"Imagine an app on your phone called 'The Hovering Machine' which makes a hover board appear! It'll be controlled from your pocket by your voice and take you anywhere."

Leo, London

"I would like to get around in a hover car which anyone over the age of seven could drive. It would have a sat-nav, radio and a seat warmer."

Oscar, Peterborough

"In the future there will be an app on your phone that creates a little chair with rockets on the back which you can fly around on."

Gemma, Essex

"I'd like to see a bike invented that can make electricity for houses that has solar panel wheels. The bike will be able to covert into a peddle boat which also makes electricity. The boat will also have an umbrella."

Alicia, Somerset

"In the future I would like to travel around on an electric bed. In a flick of button I could travel anywhere without having to get up."

Areeba, Burton upon Trent

"I think we will have a chair that hovers in the air and is controlled by a persons voice."

Lee, London

"I think in the future people should invent flying homes that land and fly."

Adam, Shetland

"I would like it if we could have wheels on our school shoes so we could wheel around at lunch."

Libby, Manchester

"I think we will have electric cars that drive themselves! That would be so cool."

Tainsha, London