Are some jobs better suited to boys or girls?

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Leah investigates what jobs we can do

All this week Newsround has been investigating how life is different for boys and girls - and today we're talking about jobs.

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Helen Skelton says no job should just be for a girl or a boy

Does simply being a boy or a girl influence what job we go on to do?

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Equalities minister Maria Miller on gender stereotypes

We asked you what you think: are some jobs better suited to boys? Are there jobs that only girls should do?

Your comments

I think that you should do the job that you want to do. It doesn't matter if you're a boy or girl just follow your dreams.

Luis, Norwich, England

I think that girls and boys should have the right to do any job that makes them happy.

Maiya, Telford, England

When I'm older I want to an actor or in the Navy, people might think it's wrong but I know I can choose what I want to be and not let others pull me down from doing the job I want.

Erin, Manchester, England

It shouldn't matter what jobs boys or girls do. Obviously some jobs would be suited to boys or girls but the job you should have is something that reflects your abilities not your gender. So pick a job that you're good at.

Helena, Scotland

I don't think it really matters, but perhaps jobs that involve caring for others are more suited for women, jobs that are more 'hands on' are more suited for men.

Jack, United Kingdom

When I grow up I want to be a detective or scientist. Jobs like that can be for women and men. A hairdresser is more suited for a women because they can do it on their hair. A builder is better for a man because they can lift heavier things.

Megan, Huddersfield, England

I want to be a paramedic when I'm older. I think that a paramedic job is for everyone.

Elle, Coventry, England

I want to be a journalist or an author because I love writing and could do it for hours. I think some jobs may be better suited for boys like football and some jobs suited for girls but I think everyone should do what they want to do.

Lizzie, Gloucester, England

When I grow up I would like to be a doctor. I think you shouldn't do what people think is for their gender, they should do what they want to do but you must be physically suited for the job.

Molly, Alva, Scotland

I want to be an astronaut when I am older and if it were for boys only then I would never go to the Moon!

Jessica, Caddington, England

I think being a footballer is better suited for boys as girls get paid less and aren't as famous as the boys, which is very sexist.

Lowri, Abergavveny, Wales

I think jobs can be for boys OR girls and you can just be what you want to be. Maybe it used to be different but now it's fine for any gender to do any job.

Bo, Edinburgh, Scotland

I don't think it matters at all. I think people should be allowed to choose what they want to do, even if it is normally boys/girls who do it. I'd quite like to be a footballer if I got good enough!

Lils, Worcester, England

I think that a teacher can be a man's job but not many boys want to be one.

Daniel, Preston, England

I do not believe that girls and boys suit different jobs because I would like to be a archaeologist and so does my friend. Most people would say that is a boys' job!

Phoebe, Kent, England

I think you can do any job, it doesn't matter if you're a man or woman. I want to be a footballer and I think you shouldn't choose jobs based on what other people think.

Abbie, Stoke, England

I think it doesn't matter what gender you are. And I get annoyed when people say that girls are better for hair and nails when I think sport, writing and adventures are better.

Kirsty, Linlithgow, Scotland

I don't think that jobs are for boys or girls: you decide if it's right for you.

Emilie, Durham, England

I think that boys and girls don't have to do jobs that are for their own gender. I don't want to be a fashion designer or a hairdresser, I have wanted to be an architect since I was 9 and I'm 11 now.

Tilly, Wales

It doesn't matter what job you do because basically they're open to anyone. I think people shouldn't care and follow their heart.

Hayden, Lowestoft, England

I think that anybody can do what ever they want because it's their choice.

Elliot, Manchester, England

I think it does not matter about your gender - you choose what job you want to do.

Aashvina, Cardiff, Wales

I think that sporting jobs like football and tennis players are more male however women still play them which makes me think there is no certain gender you have to be for any job.

Robyn, Isle of Wight

Most teachers are female and in my school there is only one male teacher and policemen are normally men.

Gracie, Surrey, England

I think that some jobs are better suited for boys because some jobs may involve hard work and responsibility.

Yessin, London, England

There are some jobs aimed for girls and others for boys. Girls might be beauticians or stylists. Boys might become footballers. However other jobs are for both boys and girls for example lawyers.

Khadija, London, England

I think all jobs are suited for boys and girls.

Emily, Daventry, England

Girls and boys can be whatever they want to be, they can follow their dream.

Olivia, Chester, England

I think boys and girls should be able choose whatever jobs they want.

Keira, Telford, England