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Winners of ZSL Animal Photography Competition 2013 revealed

The Zoological Society of London reveals the winners of its animal photography competition.
A master of camouflage, this Madagascan gecko lizard blends in perfectly to his fruity surroundings in a Papaya tree. More of these breathtaking images will be on display in a new exhibition at ZSL London Zoo from Friday 20 September.
A green lizard perching on some bright green papaya.
This snap of a sunbathing heron was taken after a tropical rainstorm in front of the Indian Ocean. It was taken by Emma Collins and was highly commended in the "perfect moment" junior category for under-18s.
A heron standing upright in front of the Indian Ocean
The Zoological Society of London has revealed the winners of its Animal Photography Competition 2013. This photo, taken by Tom Mayer, was highly commended in the category "last chance to see?" which ZSL hopes will encourage us to think about endangered animals and threatened habitats.
A panda chewing on plants looking upwards
"A giant trophy for a small ant" is what photographer Bence Mate calls this photo. Two leaf-cutter ants are travelling to their nest. One of them is carrying back part of a curly pink leaf - a big trophy for such a small creature. Leaf-cutter ants are one of the strongest species on Earth. They cut and collect leaves which they use as a food source.
Two tree-cutter ants crawl back to their nest, one of them holds part of a bright pink leaf.
This striking photo of a turtle in the Red Sea was taken by Vaclav Krpelik. He said: "I met this big animal when free-diving in the Abu Dabbab bay. It emerged out of nowhere, eating the sea grass and coming right at me. This image captures the precise moment when the turtle decided to come up to the surface to take a breath."
A black and white photo of a turtle in the Red Sea
This colourful parrotfish photo was highly commended in the "deep and meaningful" category which included all animals in, around, or under water. The photo was taken by Michael Gallagher.
A green and pink spotty parrotfish.