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Rare lizard hatched at Chester Zoo

An extremely rare Bell's anglehead lizard has hatched at Chester Zoo - thought to be the first of its kind ever to be bred in the UK
It's usually baby pandas and kittens that get all the attention, but here at Newsround we think this baby lizard is totally adorable too.
A baby lizard on a hand
The little lizard was hatched at Chester Zoo. They say it's the first Bell's anglehead lizard ever to be bred in the UK. "We're absolutely thrilled with our new arrival," said reptile expert Ruth Smith.
A tiny lizard on a finger
The reptile is usually found in South East Asia and Indonesia. Ruth said: "Very little is known about them and to reptile experts they are a compete mystery."
A tiny lizard on a hand
Chester Zoo say breeding rare lizards lets them learn more about the species. "We now know that they double in size in the month after they hatch," said Ruth.
A little lizard on a finger