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Pictures: The Costa Concordia salvage operation

After twenty months of lying in the water, the shipwreck of the Costa Concordia is being raised upright in a massive operation of cranes and machinery.
The plan is to have the ship upright by Monday evening after a twelve-hour operation. If it is successful, the ship will be towed away and scrapped.
A wide view of the Costa Concordia tipped on its side surrounded by equipment and water going up to the horizon.
An early morning start to salvage the Costa Concordia, a ship bigger than the Titanic. The huge operation to right the ship began in the early hours of Monday.
In the early hours of the morning, a pink sky breaks through blue clouds overlooking the salvage attempt of the Costa Concordia which is lit up by many lights on the equipment.
An international team of engineers is trying to put the luxury cruise liner upright. But this method has never been tried on a ship this big before.
A close up of one side of the tipped cruise ship, surrounded by equipment and salvage teams.
More than 30,000 tons of steel have been used to make all the components needed to lift the ship – that's four times the weight of the Eiffel Tower.
A close up view of the Concordia surrounded on all sides by red and blue cranes and equipment.
Giant metal chains and cables have been attached to the Concordia to help rotate the ship and get it upright. This technique is called ‘parbuckling’.
Giant metal chains attached to equipment can be seen in order to help get the ship upright.
The salvage operation of the sunken cruise ship Costa Concordia is the largest and most expensive operation of its kind.
From a distance, the Costa Concordia surrounded by cranes, all floating on the calm waters.
A dark line marks the parts of the ship which were previously underwater and gives evidence of the movements of the ship.
Three members of the salvage operation on a dinghy next to the Costa Concordia. A muddy line marks the parts of the ship that had been under water.
Onlookers watch the massive salvage effort taking place near the village of Giglio Porto in Italy.
A group of onlookers sit on nearby land and watch the salvage attempt of the Costa Concordia.