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Day in pictures - 16 September

Photos of the day from 16 September 2013.
Teams set to work trying to recover the wreckage of the Costa Concordia. It sunk off Isola del Giglio in Italy in January 2012. If the operation to turn in upright is successful, it will then be towed away and scrapped. The procedure, known as parbuckling, has never been carried out on a vessel as large as Costa Concordia before.
Boats surround the Costa Concordia.
A powerful typhoon has hit Obama in western Japan, leaving large areas flooded by the torrential rain. Typhoon Man-yi is one of the most powerful storms to lash Japan this season. Hundreds of people are now staying in evacuation centres because homes have been damaged or flooded.
A flooded street in Japan with cars floating in the water
The Yura river burst its banks after tropical storm Man-yi, which is also known locally as Typhoon No.18, hit in Fukuchiyama in Kyoto. The weather agency in Japan has warned residents of "unprecedented heavy rain" and urged people to take safety precautions. Around 260,000 people have had to leave their homes because of the storm.
Aerial picture of a large area in western Japan which is flooded
Mount Sinabung spews volcanic materials from its crater as seen from Karo, North Sumatra in Indonesia. Thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes after the volcano erupted Sunday 15 September.
Mount Sinabung
Look at this little fella! He's making the most important trip of his life, trying to make it out to sea from his nest at a conservation spot in Israel. Loggerhead turtles are a protected species and he's one of many born in the hatchery in Mikhmoret north of Netanya. Conservationists plant the nests at this spot in the hope that more will survive. The creatures often don't survive very long because they are prey to crabs, foxes, birds and even humans.
A loggerhead turtle on a beach with the sea in the background