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Japan's new generation space rocket

Japan has launched the first in a new generation of space rockets, hoping the design will make missions more affordable.
Japan's new solid-fuel rocket lifting off from the launch pad at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.
A young boy watches the launch.
Child watching the rocket
Crowds of Japanese gathered to watch the launch on big screens, it was also broadcast on the internet.
People watching the rocket launch
Jaxa said the rocket successfully released the Sprint-A telescope as scheduled, about 1,000km (620 miles) above the Earth's surface.
The Epsilon rocket is about half the size of Japan's previous generation of space vehicles, and uses artificial intelligence to perform safety checks.
Japan's space agency Jaxa says the Epsilon cost £23million to develop, half the cost of the one before it.
The Epsilon rocket sitting on the launch pad at the Uchinoura Space Center in Kimotsuki town, Kagoshima, western Japan.
The rocket blasted off - the first Epsilon Launch Vehicle, a new type of solid-fuel rocket.