Falling star captured on camera in Norfolk wildlife reserve

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Watch a time-lapse of the shower

A magical meteor shower has been caught on camera at a nature reserve in Norfolk.

The views of the Perseid meteor shower above the Norfolk coast have taken a starring role in a new film about the history of nature conservation's marshes.

The 25-minute film, created by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust (NWT), features special time-lapse photography.

The shower takes place every year when Earth moves into the path of debris from comets - the display lasted for a week in August.

The trust is looking to raise £1m to buy 140 acres (57 hectares) of land between Cley and Salthouse to link fives miles (8km) of protected sites.

Species on the marsh include marsh harriers, bitterns, avocets and spoonbills.

"This film explores why people care so much for its unique landscape and looks at our plans to safeguard its wildlife for the future," said Mr North from the NWT.

Did you see the Perseid meteor shower?