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Capsized Costa Concordia ship to be raised from sea

Engineers prepare to put the capsized Costa Concordia back in its upright position.
A team of engineers plan to put lift the Costa Concordia, which capsized in January 2013, from the sea and put it back in its upright position. It could be the biggest and most expensive ocean salvage operation ever.
Costa Concordia
On Monday engineers plan to try a never-before used method to put the ship upright. They think it will take 500 engineers and 18,000 tonnes of cement to pull off the operation and cost around £500m.
Costa Concordia
It capsized after hitting a reef off Giglio Island, off the coast of Italy. The ship has remained on its side ever since.
Costa Concordia off the coast of Giglio Island
The ship will slowly be rotated and then floated with 11 large box-like structures. This attempt is being made before autumn storms start so that the ship doesn't continue getting battered. If it did, it may be no longer be possible to put upright in one piece.
Costa Concordia