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Amazing new world records to feature in 2014 book

Guinness World Records reveal the new entries in the book of Guinness World Records 2014.
Whoever knew dogs could walk on tightropes - especially so quickly. Ozzy managed to teeter across a 3.5m rope in 18.22 seconds! His owner Nick said he learned to train Ozzy on the internet.
A dog balancing on a tightrope.
Rohan Kokane from India is one of the youngest new record holders to make it into the book. He broke the record for the lowest limbo skater - skating 10m whilst flattening himself down to just 25cm tall.
A limbo skating boy
This enormous fire-breathing dragon was built in Germany by Zollner Elektronik. It's 8.2m tall and holds the world record for the largest walking robot.
A fire breathing robotic dragon
And here's the world's smallest dog! Milly the Chihuahua lives in Puerto Rico and is less than 10cm tall.
A tiny chihuahua
This is just one of the amazing new world records to make it into the book of Guinness World Records 2014. It's the world's largest rideable motorcycle built by Fabio Reggiani in Italy. It's six times larger than a normal motorbike!
A man on an enormous motorbike.
Animals on wheels make it into the new book too. This is Happie the goat who skateboarded 36m in 25 seconds. A new world record - for goats at least.
A skateboarding goat
The book of record also celebrates unusual milestones - like James Brown's dust-busting vacuum cleaner collection. 33-year-old James from Nottingham has 322 vacuum cleaners in his collection.
A man stood among a collection of vacuum cleaners.
German Julia Plecher holds one of the more unusual records in the book. She runs 100m faster than anybody else in high heeled shoes, completing the sprint in 14.531 seconds.
Julia Plecher running in heels
This little cutie steals the show. KneeHi holds the world record for being the shortest donkey! The amazing records are all featured in the new Guinness World Records 2014 book.
A tiny donkey next to a horse
Check out this unusual skill! Leilani Franco gets the record for the fastest human backbend walk - she tottered 20m in just over 10 seconds. Astonishing!
A lady doing a backbend walk