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Sand lizards released into wild

A team from Chester Zoo release 27 sand lizards back into the wild to help restore the population.
A team from Chester Zoo released their 27 sand lizards back into the wild on Tuesday. Isolde McGeorge from Chester Zoo said: "We hope eventually they will begin to colonise new areas themselves."
Wildlife experts hold their tanks of sand lizards
Now a big project hopes to help sand lizards get back on their feet. About 400 lizards raised across England and Wales will be released into the wild this week.
A tank containing sand lizards.
The lizards have been released in September to allow them to get used to their new home before they go into hibernation in October.
Sand lizard
Check out this adorable sand lizard. It's one of Britain's rarest reptiles - but sand lizards have become endangered because their natural habitats have been destroyed.
A sand lizard