Prince William listens to animals - but how do you relax?

Last updated at 11:06
Prince William

Prince William has revealed that he relaxes by listening to animal noises on his smartphone.

According to the Radio Times, the Duke of Cambridge said: "I've got hundreds of animals on my iPhone, noises and sounds of the bush [the African countryside]."

"If I'm having a stressful day, I'll put a buffalo, a cricket or a newt on and it takes you back instantly to the bush.

"It does completely settle me down."

We asked you what you do to relax...

To relax I lie on my trampoline and look at what shapes the clouds are.

Poppy, London, England

I relax by watching telly.

Joshua, Reading, England

I lie down on the grass in my garden and look at the sun in the sky and read a book.

Amelia, Crewe, England

If I'm stressed, I text/visit my boyfriend or I listen to One Direction, because they are so amazing and I'm a MASSIVE Directioner!

Angel, Cardigan, Wales

I like to relax by having a bubble bath followed by reading a good book in my onesie and drinking a hot chocolate.

Natalie, Kent, England

I just make myself a nice cup of tea and watch Newsround.

Bali, Somerset, England

I like reading. When you read you go into another world and don't notice anything around you. It's very comforting and relaxing.

Osha, West Midlands, England

I relax by listening to things like Taylor Swift and that song from The Hunger Games! They have a slow pace so it really calms me down. Or I love to read books.

Safia, Bradford, England