Growing up as a boy or a girl: your stories

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What are the pressures of being a boy or a girl?

How do people's ideas of what it means to be a boy or a girl affect how you grow up?

All this week Newsround's been looking into what it's like being a boy or a girl in 2013.

We asked for your videos telling us about the biggest pressures you face growing up as a boy or girl - and you can see some of those in the clip above.

To enjoy the CBBC Newsround website at its best you will need to have JavaScript turned on.
Dr Aaron Balick on the pressures on boys and girls

But we asked you too: what are the biggest pressures you face?

Here's a selection of your comments below. Thanks for all the hundreds of comments you've sent in this week.

Your comments

The pressures of being a girl are wearing makeup, being "fashionable", having all the latest gadgets, being popular, having a lot of money and all the boys liking you.

Sophie, Aberdeen, Scotland

I think that there is a lot of pressure to be 'cool' and 'popular' when in school, and that makes you act in different ways to which you would normally do. I think that if you just act like yourself, you will get your friends because of friendship, not popularity.

Alice, London, England

I think the pressure of being a girl is that you should be skinny and wear make up and not be 'nerdy' so they act different to what they are really like and get into the wrong groups. But just a message to all girls (and boys!): be yourself and don't think that what people think you should be is right because being you is the best thing ever xx

Cadhla, Forest Hill, London

Definitely I feel one of the biggest pressures of being a girl is having to look a certain way. There's a lot of pressure of having to wear certain clothes and acting a certain way because you want to make a good impression and the first thing people judge you on is your appearance. Also people seem to think that all girls like the same things and most of the toys and stuff I'm interested in is in the boys section!

Briana, Norfolk, England

I think that the biggest pressure of being a boy or a girl is doing GCSEs because you don't know what grade you will get when you receive your results.

Jessica, London, England

In my experience, the pressures girls have is to get the highest mark in exams, have the latest coat, or shoes or something like that, and be good at sports.

Anna, Co Down, Northern Ireland

I think that the biggest pressure growing up as a girl is that you're always picked on for not keeping up with the trends but I think you should be YOU! Not someone who you don't want to be, even though it brings a lot of pressure, just be yourself and smile happily and walk away!

Amelia, Tunbridge Wells, England

The biggest pressure for me growing up as a girl is juggling homework, hobbies and friends.

Jemma, Tunbridge Wells, England

I think the biggest pressures of being a girl today is that girls around my age are worried about their appearance and they really shouldn't, they use make-up and they have highlights and dye their hair when you have to be true to yourself and not make yourself up just because of pleasure of looking nice.

Hira, Scotland

Sometimes you can be afraid to do the right thing because you are afraid to be seen as an outsider. People shouldn't feel pressured by anybody or anything.

7A Towerbank Primary School, Edinburgh, Scotland

Girls are expected to behave and dress up in a certain way. Boys live a more carefree life.

Wania, London, England

The biggest pressure about being a girl is that if you want a toy that's in the boy section some girls in your school make fun of you because it's a boys' toy.

Ciara, Macclesfield, England

I think the biggest pressure of being a girl is the way you look because that can affect how popular you are at school and how many friends you have.

Soha, Aberdeen, Scotland

The pressure that applies most often when growing up as a girl is wanting to feel accepted in a certain group of people like you always have large groups of girls that everyone wants to be like, so you try and join in when you should just be focusing on being yourself and having fun!

Jess, Warrington, UK

I'm a tomboy and people tease me because I have short hair and I also get teased because my dad has got long hair.

Anna, Brighton and Hove, UK

I think the biggest pressure when being a boy is that you worry you are going to go bald.

Louis, Exeter, England

The biggest pressure of growing up is that people expect you to act a certain way. Because you're as girl, you'll love pop stars, fashion, jewellery. They expect you to play with dolls, play dressing up, mums and dads. With is very very stereotypical. I tend to ignore this and do what I like, when I like.

Nia, Dorset, England

I think that the biggest pressure of being a girl is working had at school but I don't think that your appearance really matters.

Alexandra, Farnborough, England

One of my pressures growing up was being entered into beauty pageants when I was 4 in California where I grew up and the pressure of being wanted to win.

Chloe, Isle Of Wight, England

Most people expect boys to be sporty and funny. But some other people (including me) think that boys should be whatever they want.

Kwabena, Enfield, London