What tech would you like to be able to wear?

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What gadgets do you want to wear?

Smartwatches, glasses that let you access the internet on the go, and wristbands that keeps track of your fitness.

It seems it's only a matter of time before most of the technology we use becomes accessories we can wear.

Samsung has unveiled its new smartwatch that, paired with a phone, can show alerts, be used for voice calls and even run apps.

Described as "something out of sci-fi", Galaxy Gear was unveiled at an event in Berlin.

What would you wear?

This got us thinking... what technology would you like to see turned into something you can wear?

Newsround's Joe said: "I'd like to see my swimming goggles have a built-in computer, so they can analyse how I'm doing: telling me how fast I'm swimming and how far I've gone."

We asked you what gadget would you most like to see turned into a wearable accessory.

What about a necklace with mini solar-panels, that charges your phone while you walk around?

Or how about a t-shirt that can change its design at the click of a button?


I would wear glasses which when I looked at a question gave me the right answer.

Aaron, Willenhall, England

I would have a special tracker magnet, that can be switched on to bounce your football back to you, when it goes into your neighbour's garden or into the tree!

Zaira, England

I would like to have a watch that at the click of a button you can get anything.

Paddy, Stratford, England