Samsung unveils new smartwatch

Last updated at 10:28
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What gadgets do you want to wear?

Samsung has unveiled a brand new smartwatch with a colour screen that can show alerts, be used for voice calls and even run apps!

Described as "something out of sci-fi", Galaxy Gear was revealed at an event in Berlin.It features speakers and microphones, meaning users speak into and hear from the watch instead of a handset!

But at the moment it can only be used with an accompanying Samsung smartphone.

Chat: What gadgets would you like to wear?

The Galaxy Gear had been expected because the firm is currently the world's best-selling smartphone maker.

Smartwatch revolution

It's thought the invention could start a new trend in wearable technology.

Smartphones, with their big screens and accurate clocks, have been blamed for the failing sales of wristwatches, but that could be about to change.

Other models already exist, like the Pebble and Sony's Smartwatch 2. Plus there are rumours that Samsung's rivals, like Apple, are busy developing their own models.