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Walkie Talkie skyscraper melts parts of a car in London

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How does a building melt a car?

Special protective screens have been put up on a new shiny skyscraper in London to protect buildings and cars from its glare.

Nicknamed the "Walkie Talkie" the building has been blamed for melting part of a car parked nearby and damaging shops.

The car's owner said the Sun's rays reflected off the building's curved shape, causing almost £1,000 in damage.

Melted Jaguar
Mr Lindsay said his car's wing mirror, panels and badge had melted

The building's developers have apologised and paid for the repairs.

But that's not the only damage people have noticed. A nearby restaurant has scorch marks on the floor by its door and a cyclist says his bike was left with a hole burned in the saddle.

How is a building melting things?

It's down to how the building's been designed, say experts.

A series of curved windows, which act like mirrors, can focus and concentrate the Sun's rays, reflecting the more powerful beams onto the ground below.

The building's not finished yet and the developers said they are now looking into the matter.

The parking spots on the road near the site have been closed off.