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Pictures: Day in pictures - 29 August

Photos of the day from 29 August 2013.
Winner Sloane Stephens from America shakes hands at the net with Urszula Radwanska from Poland, after their women's singles second round match on Day Three of the 2013 US Open at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York.
Sloane Stephens and Urzula Radwanska
It's a mini submarine! Don't worry he's not gone shopping in the tiny underwater boat - he's showing it off because he designed it himself. Scott Cassell is an ocean environmentalist from America. He has built the submersible he calls "The Great White". He says it runs entirely on electricity and is built from mostly recycled materials.
Scott Cassell in the mini submersible talking to a man in a shopping centre
The two-man craft can deep dive to the depth of 175m (574 feet). It's going to be used on a marine study trip in the waters of Malaysia.
Man inside a mini sub
The streets of Bunol are a bright shade of red after the town's Tomatino event - which is basically a massive food fight using just tomatoes! Six truck loads of tomatoes are used in the event, which has been happening for nearly 70 years. This year was the first time that visitors had to pay to take part because the town is left with all the mess to clean up!
Group of people covered in tomato juice
People form a human pyramid during celebrations to mark ‘Janmashtami’ in Mumbai in India. Janmashtami is the festival that marks the birth of Hindu god Krishna.
A large crowd with a human pyramid in the middle
This is a satellite photograph released by NASA, it shows the clouds of algae that are growing off the coast of Lake Erie, which is one of the Great Lakes in North America. Overgrown algae is a problem in a few of the lakes, and some campaigners say it's caused by chemicals farmers use.
Satellite photo of the coastline with algae visible in the sea