LeftOverSwap: new app lets users share leftover food

Last updated at 15:10

No matter how nice the dinner your mum cooks you is, sometimes you just can't finish everything on your plate.

A new leftover food sharing app, that's just launched in America, is designed to solve that problem.

The app is called LeftoverSwap. Stuffed diners simply take a picture of their leftover food and upload it, to see if anyone's interested.

Then hopefully someone nearby will want what's left of the dinner.

The app is currently only available in America, where 40% of food that's produced goes to waste, but if it takes off there it could make its way to the UK too.

But will anyone want to eat leftover food from strangers?

Dan Newman, the co-founder of the app said: "It's not for everyone. Some people might be more comfortable with giving away food.

"But one of the populations we believe will love it will be the college crowd."