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Thousands hit London streets for Notting Hill Carnival

Thousands of people have lined London streets for Notting Hill Carnival.
Spot the man in the costume! Some of the performers have huge outfits.
Man in large read and black feather costume
The event takes place on the August Bank Holiday Weekend every year.
Woman in feather costume
The streets of London are loud and bright with the sights and sounds of the Notting Hill Carnival this weekend.
Drummers perform as part of Notting Hill Carnival. They are dressed in bright matching outfits.
It's been getting bigger and bolder every year since it started, which was in 1966.
Woman in a really high hat
Pretty in pink! The festival is a celebration of all things Caribbean and performers dress to entertain the crowds.
Woman in pink fluffy costume
The organisers say the event is the biggest of its kind in Europe.
A man and a woman wearing matching gold outfits
Thousand of people turn up to take part in the fun, and London gets very busy indeed!
Packed street in London
It's hard to pick one star of the show as all of the performers go to tremendous efforts when creating their outfits.
Man with a star shaped outfit on
The performers dance to the street music as they parade around town.
Woman in red feather headdress