Carry Your Pram Ranger helps Tokyo travellers

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Find out more about the new superhero in town!

Move over Batman, a new superhero is here with a super-human strength for helping out... metro passengers?

Carry-Your-Pram-Ranger probably won't be saving the streets of Tokyo from the clutches of an evil mastermind any time soon, but he might just give you a hand hauling your suitcase!

Tokyo's metro system is the busiest in the world, has no lifts, and is particularly difficult to use if you've got luggage or prams.

Shop worker, Tadahiro Kanemasu has taken matters into his own hands and helps commuters with their stuff, dressed in a bright green suit.

He hopes other superheroes will join him his role to make the service full-time.

We asked you what you think!

If you were a super-hero, how would you change the world?

Maybe you'd have a super-human strength for saving sea-life, helping hamsters or catching criminals?

Or perhaps you'd do some good deed that's completely different.

Your Comments:

If I could be a super hero my good deed would be that I would help old people get on and off transport.

Emily, Daventry, England

If I was a superhero I would have the power to take any piece of rubbish and turn it into something really useful that everyone can use to prevent landfills and global warming.

Imogen, Bromley, England

I would help children and old people cross the road!

Cerys, Pembrokeshire, Wales

I would help people get their footballs out of trees.

Hugh, Dublin, Ireland

If I was a superhero I would be water girl and I would change the world by giving hungry people food and water.


I'd stop bullying at school.

Angharad, France

If I were a hero, I would help by rescuing all the lost and abandoned dogs in the world.

Freya, Norfolk, England

I would help the elderly with things that would be helpful for them.

Hannah, Cheshire, England

I would try to make a cure for diabetes - I've had it for 2 years.

Tegan, Swansea, Wales

I would help people who need to get somewhere quick by teleporting hem where they need to go.

Charlie, Cheshire, England

If I was a superhero I would help all the poor and needy by giving them money and food and a place to stay.

Holly, Lancashire, England

If I were a superhero then I would save people from wearing ugly clothes.

Lizzie, Newcastle, England

I would help people who are disabled.

Emma, Farnborough, England

I would save endangered wild animals, like tigers.

Rebecca, Dublin, Ireland