New smartwatch with built-in camera set to be made

Last updated at 08:27
Omate Truesmart

A smartwatch with a built-in five megapixel camera is set to go into production.

The Omate Truesmart raised £63,760 of pledges on fundraising site Kickstarter, meaning the South Korean firm will start developing the product.

It hasn't announced when the product's out, but will reveal more at a consumer tech show in Berlin in a few weeks.

Another smartwatch, Pebble, also managed to raise more than £6million through the funding site last year.

What features will it have?

  • Google's Android 4.2.2 operating system will power it, allowing it to run apps including fitness activity trackers
  • The touchscreen will be 1.5in (3.9cm)
  • It will be water-resistant, allowing it to be worn while swimming, but not if diving
  • It will offer GPS location support
  • It can be operated via gesture controls
  • Its 4GB of internal storage can be boosted by up to an additional 32GB using a microSD card