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What will cities look like in the future?

Experts predict that by the year 2050 about three-quarters of people in the world will live in cities. Could this be the city of 2050?
As more and more people shop online, we could find items delivered immediately by helicopter-like drones. One pizza company has already tested delivering food by drones, and some people think the flying machines will replace motorbike and cycle deliveries.
An aerial surveillance drone in Liverpool - it looks like a small helicopter.
Everyone will have access to super-fast internet delivered by high-speed fibre optic cables. Everything - from homes to hospitals to schools - will be connected into a big network.
Fibre optic lights
Rather than mobile phones in our pockets, we could be wearing our technology - like these Google glasses. They're already being developed, so whilst the city of 2050 may be a long way off yet, we could all be wearing techy specs as soon as next year!
Attendees wear Google Glass while posing for a group photo during the Google I/O developer conference
It's possible that only driverless cars will be allowed, zipping about on specially constructed roads with wireless power built-in. A system like this was tested in Masdar City in the United Arab Emirates. The Personal Rapid Transit cars automatically took passengers around the city underground. [Picture: Mascar]
Self-driving cars in Masdar city
Instead of electric street lights, glowing trees could produce their own energy and light up the streets. Glowing plants have already been created and could save energy.
A luminous green tree in a city street
Buildings will take on a life of their own, controlling their heating, lighting and security automatically. Future buildings will probably produce their own electricity and capture rainwater for flushing toilets. [Picture: Future City Lab]
A vision of Moscow in the future. A building is adorned with many wind turbines.
Going to the shops may be very different in 2050. Robot assistants will help you find what you are looking for as well as performing tasks like checking shop shelves. 3D printing will be available in shops allowing you to customise items you want to buy.
A humanoid robot greets a human
Forget skyscrapers - cities could be dominated by farmscrapers, like these amazing plans by architect Vincent Callebaut. Buildings would be multi-purpose and could house huge vertical farms. The eco-towers would contain houses, offices, shops and even things like cinemas and swimming pools. [Image: Vincent Callebaut]
A rendering of a future city by architect Vincent Callebaut
Could this be the city of the future? Experts predict that by the year 2050 about three-quarters of people in the world will live in cities. Will we have glowing trees and farm towers by 2050?
A futuristic city with glowing trees and tall skyscrapers.
We may not have specific areas in a city for businesses, manufacturing and leisure - they could all merge into one. Impressive swimming pools with rooftop gardens could be an eco-friendly way of relaxing and exercising in the future. [Image: Vincent Callebaut]
An open plan swimming pool with a city skyline view