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Youngest ever wing walkers break record at 9 years old

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See the youngest wing walkers in action

Two 9-year-old girls broke a world record on Wednesday to become the world's youngest formation wing walkers.

Cousins Rose and Flame took to the skies over Gloucestershire on two biplanes from the 1940s.

They planned their daredevil walk to raise awareness of muscular dystrophe.

They flew in formation where the two aircraft are just metres apart, and the pilot of one of the planes was their granddad, Vic.

"It's quite scary when you take off but if you like mega funfair rides I think you'll find the take-off really cool," said Rose.

"The best bit was probably taking off or doing the Superwoman pose."

Her cousin Flame said: "It was really fun and really windy. The best bit is just being in the air."

What's the most daring thing you've done?

  • Have you been involved in a breathtaking stunt?
  • Or is riding your bike about as daring as you get?
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Your comments:

On a camping trip with my school I had to go round an obstacle course blindfolded and only holding onto a rope to guide us. We had to go under logs and over logs and the teachers dropped maggots on us!!!

Sam, Colchester, England

The most daring thing I've ever done was I walked across a very old knotted bridge on a school trip. It was really scary because I don't really like heights.

Isha, Manchester, England

On a school residential at the beginning of year 6, we were doing trust exercises on high equipment, and our partner had to lead us across a log with nothing to hold on to whilst we were blindfolded!

Simran, Braintree, England

Out of ten people I voluntarily went into a pool full of toothless piranhas! Don't worry, it was on a trip. BUT VERY DARING!

Amina, Bradford, England

I abseiled down a tower and climbed a 13m pole and jumped down from it, with a harness of course!

Aimee, Cambridge, England

The most daring thing I've done is go on a 3G swing on my school residential. (It was scary!)

Aisling, Herefordshire, England

I did paragliding when I was eight.

James, Surrey, England

I scuba dived to a shipwreck in the Maldives when I was ten.

Oran, Hornchurch, England

I sky-dived out of a plane when I was 13.

Saphinah, Birmingham, England