The Minister for Disabled People answers your questions

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Ricky speaks to Esther McVey, the Minister for Disabled People...

The Minister for Disabled People, Esther McVey, has called for local councils to improve access to tourist areas.

She says public spaces like parks and beaches are meant to be open to everyone but claims many are too difficult for visitors with mobility problems to get to.

Newsround spoke to Esther McVey on Tuesday and put some of your questions to her.

We asked you if you or people you know had problems accessing parks, beaches or other tourist spots because of disability.

Here's a selection of some of your comments and questions.

Your comments

I agree with you but why have you only just brought it up?

Jordan, Scarborough, England

In this country we all are meant to have equal rights but how come when it comes to disabled people they're not able to do things for themselves, because certain places are not disabled friendly! Why are disabled people finding it hard to do things that are not supposed to be hard? Is it because communities nowadays don't think about disabled people?

Amina, London, England

My Brother is disabled and it's hard to go to places because he's disabled and most places and it's difficult. He sometimes he has to miss out on the fun. I say government should make more places disabled friendly. I don't want my brother to miss out!

Anna, Uxbridge, England

How long will it take if you did choose to make accessibility to places easier?

Lucy, Bedford, England

My brother is disabled and most places you would go with your family we can't. I have to go with my Mum or Dad as they're not accessible. There should be lifts in all shops, museums and other places.

Lucy, Stockton-on-Tees, England

In a years time do you think things will have improved? If so, what would you like to see?

Millie, Wiltshire, England

We think beaches need ramps. How could you improve the beaches for people in wheelchairs?

Jason and Paul, Wales

I think if disabled people want to go on the beach they should have beach wheels for their wheelchair.

Caitlyn, Wales

They should have more accessible places for wheelchairs because when I go to gymnastics I don't see any wheelchairs in the parks or the beaches. They should have pathways on the beaches because it's not their fault they have mobility problems.

Lewis, Portsmouth, England

My cousin has cerebral palsy and it's difficult for her to go on to the beach. They should put ramps and lifts on the beach to make it easier.

Aimee, Newcastle, England

Why do they not open up more areas for disabled people?

Sasha, Nottingham, England

How do you think you could make things like slides and climbing frames more accessible?

Dominique, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

I am in a wheelchair and I find it hard to get places in my wheelchair.

Matthew, Coventry, England

How would you make beaches more accessible? If it was me, I would choose ramps and lifts.

Maya, Hampshire, England

Would things be easier if more places had golf carts that go back and forth picking up people who have disabilities?

John, Worcestershire, England

What are you going to do to improve the problems disabled people face?

Sukhraj, Hounslow, England

My sister is disabled and needs a wheelchair so it is hard for us to find places that are disabled friendly (places with ramps and lifts).

Gracie, Wiltshire, England