Who do you think is Britain's greatest athlete?

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mo farah

Mo Farah's already been crowned Britain's greatest athlete in history, but we wanted to know who you think the title should go to.

Yesterday Mo Farah won the 5,000m at the World Championships in Moscow, days after winning the 10,000m.

The BBC's Brendan Foster says: "Mo Farah winning his third World Championship gold medal, adding to his two Olympic and numerous European titles, makes him the greatest athlete we've had for Great Britain."

There are plenty of people to choose from, including Jessica Ennis-Hill who won gold at the Olympics last year, footballer David Beckham, or perhaps you think Paralympian Ellie Simmonds deserves the title as Britain's greatest athlete?

Thank you for all of your comments today. Here's who some of you think should be crowned as Britain's greatest athlete:

I think that Kristian Thomas should be titled the best because he earned lots of points in gymnastics and he inspired me to do more gymnastics than ever

Niamh, Cardiff, Wales

I think that Chris Froome and Ed Clancy are the best athletes because Chris Froome had to cycle 150 kilometres every day for 3 weeks, and Ed Clancy because he is my favourite cyclist and he has done loads for British cycling

Thomas, Cheshire, England

The true greatest athlete is the one who puts his heart to the sport they do and whatever happens not to give up.

Mekha, Londonderry, Northern Ireland

I think that Ellie Simmonds should be titled the best because she deserves it for all the hard training she has been doing for the last years.

Gracie, Warwickshire, England

I think either Sir Chris Hoy or Sir Steve Redgrave, they are both astounding athletes, and have even been knighted for their contribution towards sports!

Katie, West Yorkshire, England

Mo Farah all the way!! He's inspired me with his great achievements and will always be one of my top athletes.

Zakia, Lincolnshire, England

David Beckham, as he has been in the professional football business for 16 years. Even though he's retired now, he has been inspirational to kids, girls and boys.

Simran, Essex, England

I think the best British athlete is Rebecca Adlington because she inspired me to take up swimming and now I have my 50m badge!

Sofiya, Lancashire, England

I think Britain's best athlete is Jessica Ennis-Hill, because she is determined, and won't give up! She is an inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve in sport. I also love the footballer Joe Hart from Manchester City.


I think that no one can be the best athlete. As long as they try their best in what they do, I will be happy.

Caitlin, Devon, England

I think Mo Farah because he's not just one of those runners who wins then just looks miserable, he dances around and he does his famous Mobot!

Amina, Denbighshire, Wales

I think anyone who tries at sport should be Britain's greatest athlete. Nobody is the best, we are all equal.

Tabitha, Brighton, England

Bradley Wiggins is Britain's greatest athlete because he has won the Tour de France and Gold Olympic medals.

Benjamin, Devon, England

I think the greatest athlete is Greg Rutherford because even though he was injured he still competed and was a good sport. He is my role model.

Ellie, North Yorkshire, England

I think David Weir is Britain's greatest athlete because he won 4 Gold medals at London from 800m to the Marathon, and he has inspired many people.

Tom, Oxfordshire, England

I think that Andy Murray is the greatest athlete because he won the Wimbledon championships this year and inspired so many people.

Mara, Isle of Wight, England

I think the best British athletes are all of the Paralympians because they have overcome their disabilities.

Carri, Surrey, England

I think Jessica Ennis is Britain's greatest athlete because she is a really rounded athlete with many talents, and she has inspired sport for girls and women as well.

Cate, London, England

I think Jessica Ennis is amazing because she is good at many athletic sports!!! I also like Mo Farah and his "mobot"!

Charlotte, Kent, England

We think Andy Murray is the best athlete because he beat the world number one in straight sets to win Wimbledon.

Anisa and Zara, South Yorkshire, England

I think mo Farah is Britain's best athlete because he inspired me to run, and he always retains his title.

Oliver, Nottinghamshire, England

Jessica Ennis-hill because she has personality AND strength.

Carenza, North Yorkshire, England

It has to be Mo Farah, after he has made history 2 years running. He is an incredible athlete who always tries his best. Mo definitely deserves to be Sports Personality of the year.

Bethan, West Midlands, England

I think Jessica Ennis is the best athlete in Britain because she doesn't just do one or two sports, she does lots and always does her best in that sport!

Harvey, Lancashire, England

Jessica Ennis should be Britain's greatest athlete because she inspired me, and loads of other girls and women . Personally I think she is the best and talented.

Chloe, London, England

Mo Farah is very good and I think he deserves to be Britain's best athlete. Also Ellie Simmons should be too because she is very inspirational to people with a disability.

Maddie, Essex, England

I think Beth Tweddle is the best athlete because she has inspired so many people to be gymnasts.

Kathryn, Lancashire, England