Google Street View backpack heads to UK

Last updated at 15:32
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Check out how the Trekker will work...

Some of the hardest to reach places in the UK are finally getting onto Google Street View thanks to special backpacks and a team of volunteers.

Until now, vehicles have roamed the country and captured the images that you see on Street View.

But what about places that vehicles can't reach - like small pathways or even the tops of mountains?

Google's created a backpack, called a Trekker, so people can walk to these locations and get the images they need.

It's already been used in the Grand Canyon in America and the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, in Dubai.

It's coming to the UK for the first time and will be capturing images of the country's canals and rivers this month.

Watch the clip and see Wendy Hawk, from Canal & River Trust, demonstrate the Trekker!