Jetpack testing gets go-ahead

Last updated at 16:56
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Watch the jetpack in action

Ever dreamt of flying like a bird? Well that soon could come true thanks to jetpack developers in New Zealand.

It might not look as elegant as a bird, but the team behind a specially designed jetpack have got the go-ahead to start testing their human flying device.

If tests are successful the machines could be on sale to the public in 2015.

But they'll be pricey - the jetpack is estimated to cost more than £97,000!

Inventor Glenn Martin began working on it more than 30 years ago.

He was inspired by television shows he watched as a child, such as "Thunderbirds", and wanted to make a jetpack for ordinary people with no need for specialist pilot training.

The jetpacks have powerful fans to help make it move. The pilot straps himself into the frame and controls it with two joysticks.

A specialised version of the jetpack designed for the military and emergency crews such as firefighters could be ready for delivery by mid-2014.