Scotland and England to play first match this century!

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We asked kids who they're supporting

Wembley football stadium will host a classic clash tonight - Scotland versus England.

It's the oldest international fixture in football, but the two teams haven't played each other for 14 years.

The last time they went head to head, in the second leg of a qualifying play-off for Euro 2000, was at the old Wembley in November 1999.

That ended in a 1-0 Scotland win.

The game, part of the Football Association's 150th anniversary celebrations, is the 111th meeting between the two nations.

The first official international was in 1872 and they met on an annual basis until 1989.

We want to know who you'll be supporting!

We asked you who you think will win and why?

Your Comments:

I would probably support Scotland because I am half Scottish and only an eighth English. But I would not really mind who won!

Saskia, Hertfordshire, England

I will support England because it's my home country and Wayne Rooney is my favourite player.

Manjot, London, England

I think England will win because hopefully Rooney will be back from injury.

Harrison, Leeds, England

We are Welsh so we are on Scotland's side, come on the Scots!

Ryan and Elliot, Penmaenmawr, Wales

I think England is going to win because Wayne Rooney is trained well and so is Lampard.

Johnny, Donegal, Ireland

I live in England, but my dad was born in Scotland so I'm team Scotland all the way!

Xenia, York, England

My brother and I are Scottish but the rest of my family are English so we are the only two people in our family supporting Scotland, the rest all support England.

Hannah, Edinburgh, Scotland

I will support England because I live in London. Go England!

Christina, London, England

I live about two hours away from Scotland and my next door neighbours are from Scotland, but I'm supporting England. If Scotland score any goals I'm going to hear some loud cheering from next door.

Elizabeth, Whitleybay, England

I will support SCOTLAND! I was born there and I think Scotland will win.

Louise, Scotland

I'll definitely be supporting England because I was born here and I live here. Go England!

Diya, Milton Keynes, England

I will be supporting Scotland because my mum is Scottish. I think it will be a draw.

Finlay, Biester, England

I'm going to support England because I love them.

Lauren, London, England

I will be supporting Scotland, although I'm from Northern Ireland.

Anna, Co.Down, Northern Ireland

My dad has gone to watch the England v Scotland game. I want Scotland to win because I am half Scottish - c'mon Scotland!

Jess, Amlwch, Wales