What do you think about your name?

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Amelia Lily and Harry Styles

The top 100 baby names in England and Wales for 2012 have been announced, with Harry and Amelia taking top place again.

Oliver, Jack and Charlie were the next most popular names for boys, while Olivia, Jessica and Emily were at the top of the list for girls.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have picked a popular name for their new arrival - George was at number 12 on the list in 2011 and 2012.

What do you think?

It got us wondering what you think about your name...

Do you like your name? Or would you rather be called something else - if so, why?

Your comments:

My name is Zakia, and it's Hebrew. I'm quite happy with my name because the meaning shows what kind of person I am. Even though it's not in the top five, I am proud of my name!

Zakia, Boston, England

I like the my name, Amber, because it's a traffic light colour, a warning light colour and a precious stone!

Amber, Dunmow, England

I love my name because it is not common and if I hear my name mentioned in a movie it is a chance for me to feel a bit special. I found out it means "Lady". Even though there is no short version of my name I think my parents made a good choice.

Martha, Lichfield, England

I love my name, because my Mum told me that it means good luck. I wouldn't change my name for the world because I was given this name, and I love the name Holly.

Holly, Dublin, Scotland

I really like my name because it is very unique. My grandmother had this name as well and she wanted to name her first granddaughter Carla Rose because she thought it was a special name.

Carla Rose, London, England

I never used to like my name because it's welsh and no-one can pronounce it. But as I got older I just thought of my name being unique.

Fflur, Llanelli,Wales

I love my name! It isn't very common, and it's easy to remember as well. I wouldn't want a name that is really popular because you'll be bound to know someone else with that name.

Eva, Antrim, Northern Ireland

I love my name - it suits me and I can't imagine being called anything else! I write stories and for me, choosing a name for a character is really important and can be quite hard.

Katie, Edinburgh, Scotland

I love my name - it's unique to me and quite a popular name too. But a lot of people miss-pronounce my name which really annoys me so for that reason I would change my name to Emily- short, simple and easy to pronounce!

Sana, Buckinghamshire, England

I like my name, Leah, but would love to be called Taylor.

Leah, London, England