Helen is leaving Blue Peter - what's your favourite memory?

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Helen Skelton at Battersea power station

Helen Skelton has announced that she will leave Blue Peter in September, after five years on the show.

In her time at BP she's become famous for her feats of daring and adventure.

She's kayaked down the Amazon, walked a tightrope between Battersea Power Station's towers and run an ultra-marathon through the Namibian desert.

We asked you what your favourite Helen moment is and why - and loads of you got in touch!

Your comments

My fave Helen moment was when she got Barney the Dog from the dog shelter. I will miss Helen, but am looking forward to Radzi!

Harry, Abergavenny, Wales

My fave stunt that she did was the run in the desert, that was so amazing! I could never do that, it must have been so hot! She is like superwoman with all of her amazing stunts - and it's all for charity! I wish I was a Blue Peter presenter!

Emma, Edinburgh, Scotland

When they went snowboarding, it was fun and a great memory although there were many unforgettable moments in her time presenting. I can't wait for the marine challenge!

Helen, London, England

My favourite moment was when Helen went to the South Pole. It was brave and very challenging to complete. I was amazed that she could do it. You are extraordinary Helen for everything you have done!

Rebecca, Newcastle, England

My BEST Helen moment was when she ran the ultra-marathon because she was the second women ever to finish it. She's not even a runner, so wow.

Martha, Northampton, England

I love everything about Helen! I like the way she presents the programme and how she always has a smile. My favourite bit was when she kayaked down the Amazon!

Maya, Hengoed, Wales

It was mindblowing when she did the tightrope! We'll miss you Helen :(

Gabriel, Kings Langley, England

Our favourite Helen moment is when she became the second woman ever to finish the 78-mile (126 km) Namibian ultra marathon. We think this because it's an incredible distance in a very hot country.

Marta and Maria, Cordoba, Spain

I loved it when she went in the haunted house: it scared me a bit!

Finlay, Devon, England

My favourite moment was when she did the the seven challenges for Comic Relief. My favourite challenge was when she performed in the West End because I love acting, singing and dancing!

Qawiiah, Port Laoise, Ireland

My favourite memory is when I was on Blue Peter and got to meet her. I will miss you Helen and Barney (the dog) and thank you for the Blue Peter badge.

Peter, Barnsley, England

My favourite Helen moment was when she kayaked down the Amazon, it was truly inspirational and even after she leaves, she will be an idol to all young children around the world, encouraging us to make the most of our lives!

Lily, London, England

My favourite memory is when I got Helen's autograph at Leeds. It was so fun to see her. I will miss her loads.

Emily, Bingley, England

My favourite Helen moment was when she flew for the Red Arrows! I am amazed she got the opportunity to do that, once in a lifetime thing to do. I will miss you Helen good luck for the future!

Sophie, Wrexham, Wales

I'll always remember seeing Helen do her highwire walk as I was there to see it really happen at Battersea Power Station in the driving wind and rain. She has been absolutely amazing, and won't be forgotten anytime soon. Neither will Barney the dog (can't forget the Blue Peter pets!). All the best for the future, Helen and Barney!

Tricia, London, England

I loved it when she walked a tightrope between Battersea Power Station's Towers. She is so daring and does loads for charity. Helen - you're an inspiration!

Rowan, Bromyard, England

Well I don't have a favourite memory but if I had to choose one it would have to be the South Pole challenge.

Alicia, Blackburn, England

She has been AMAZING! And will be missed (and Barney). I loved all her AMAZING daring stunts for charity - especially the trek to the South Pole - that was really brave! Barney is so cute and I wish them the best and most AMAZING future.

Laura, Bedfordshire, England

My favourite Helen moment was when she went to the South Pole!! By the way I'm so sad that Helen is leaving.

Izzy, Kent, England

I can't have just one memory!! Blue Peter won't be the same without Helen!

Charlotte, Kent, England

My favourite Helen memory is tight rope because it was so high up and she was brave.

Emma, Hartford Heath, England

My favourite moment was when Helen walked on a high wire that was great.

Rosanna, Endon, England

My favourite memories are when she went to the South Pole and every other cool adventures she did. I wish I could do those!

Holly, Wirral, England

My favourite moment from Helen's time on Blue Peter is when she kayaked down the Amazon and she will be dearly missed.

Natasha, Peterborough, England

When Helen went to the South Pole it was amazing seeing how she could cope with the temperature.

Aysha, Bradford, England