Are you allowed to play outside enough?

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Cath Prisk from Playday 2013 talks about why parents won't let you out to play

A fear of annoying the neighbours is one of the reasons for parents not letting you out to play outdoors, a survey suggests.

More than a quarter of 1,000 UK parents questioned said they worry about being judged by the people next door if you play without an adult outside.

Almost a third of mums and dads thought letting you play ball games or make noise outdoors would cause problems.

The poll was done to mark Playday 2013, an annual campaign for outdoor play.

One Poll surveyed 1,000 children between five and 16 years old and 1,000 parents with children the same ages.

Of the five-11-year-olds, 53% said they would like to play outside more, while 40% said they could do so as much as they liked.

We asked if you wish you could play outside more; and if so, what was stopping you? Your parents? The weather? Cars? Or is there nowhere to play?

Or are you happy with the amount of playtime you get outdoors?

Your comments:

I play outside but I live in a close so it's much safer. Sometimes my parents let me go on the road, but it depends how busy the roads are if you are allowed to play outside or not.

Alice, Isle of Wight, England

I am allowed to play outside because I am old enough to take responsibility for myself.

Martha, Yorkshire, England

We don't really go to the park because now it is always raining. My garden is a bit small, and outside there is always the car coming. But sometimes we go to the beach.

Siani, Newport, Wales

I'm not allowed to play outside. My parents are worried about the cars because we live in a really busy street.

Erin, Glasgow, Scotland

My parents are separated so it depends where I am. If I am at my dad's I can play outside as there are many kids that live there as well. However, at my mum's there are elderly people in the street, so I play in the back garden.

Rebecca, Newcastle, England

I am only allowed to play in my garden or go to the park with my parents. I wish I could play outside on the street with friends.

Jessie, London, England

I love to play cricket and football but my parents fear that if I play in my street, a car could get damaged and they won't be happy paying for it. This is why I am only allowed in my back garden.

Nafees, West Yorkshire, England

I would like to spend more time outside but because of the more elderly neighbours, it is more restricted. There are also no places that are safe to play in our town. You have to travel a long way to find a safe place.

Katie, Worcestershire, England

I play football outside in my back garden, but one day my neighbour came to my house and told me off because she said I was waking up her kids! I still play outside at a later time, but I still feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

Zainab, West Yorkshire, England

I wish I could play outside more but my parents stop me saying traffic and cars are dangerous.

Sarah, Luton, England

The weather can stop me sometimes, because after the rain has stopped it is always wet on the grass and you can't really play in the garden.

Sana, West Yorkshire, England

In my area there are lots of places to play, but my parents choose not to let us because of stranger danger.

Maryam, London, England

I am always outside playing with my friends. The neighbours have complained about the noise, so we don't play in that area any more.

Lucy, Somerset, England

I'm allowed to play outside and go to the park or local shops, but only if I'm with a friend.

Amy, Southampton, England

I would love to be allowed out more. I am not allowed out of my street alone which is really annoying because lots of my friends are allowed into town.

Eleanor, Gloucestershire, England

My mum lets me play outside because as long as she can see me, she knows I'm fine.

Farrah, Manchester, England

My parents let me play outside on the street with my friends, and I am probably out every day.

Anna, Scotland

I am happy to play outside. It is a safe environment where I live and the neighbours like it when they see us playing outdoors happily.

Zaynab, Essex, England

I am very happy with the amount of playtime I get outdoors.

Elliott, Monmouthshire, Wales

I'm allowed to play outside! I play out with my sister. We are not allowed to shout as we could upset the neighbours.

Abigail, West Yorkshire, England