Are top charity bosses paid too much money?

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Ricky reports on the charities debate

The chairman of an organisation that keeps an eye on how charities are run, says huge pay packets for bosses are not fair on people who donate.

Charity Commission chairman William Shawcross said organisations must ask if "very high pay levels are really appropriate".

New figures show an increase in certain charity executives earning more than £100,000 a year.

But charities say they need good wages to attract the best people to the jobs.

They also say that top salaries at charities are small when compared with similar jobs in other businesses.

The average wage of a nurse is about £26,000; a teacher's average wage about £32,000; and an MP earns just over £66,000.

The highest-paid charity boss, British Red Cross chief executive Sir Nick Young, gets a salary of £184,000 - according to the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

But in 2011, the average pay of a boss at a top UK business was £4.8million - that's 26 times as much as Sir Nick is paid.

The job of any chief executive is to oversee the running of the whole company or organisation. If anything goes wrong in the company, they have to sort it out, and if something goes badly wrong, then they could be sacked.

We asked you whether you think charity bosses get paid too much - or if they deserve to get paid well if they're in charge of a charity.

Your Comments:

I think half the money should go to the boss and the other half should go to the people who need it who the charity is supporting.

Anna, Coventry, England

Charity workers help all sorts of people, and their payment is a reward, but they do not deserve to be treated differently as everyone else works as hard as they do.

Rachel, Essex, England

I think they should be paid a bit more than everyone else, as they could be sacked for a simple mistake. But if they get paid thousands and thousands more, that's just unfair.

Rowan, Bromyard, England

The job should have a salary but charity is about helping others, having a big salary is not really putting the donors' money to use.

Madeline, Wales

I think they should get paid a lot of money but not as much as they are getting paid.

Charlie, England

I think they deserve to get paid well.

Tia, Scotland

I think they do because the money is for charity not for them, they might be doing a good deed but it's an easy job. I think they should be paid less.

Sahil, Bolton, England

I think they shouldn't get paid that much because most of the money could help a lot of charities.

Adam, Blackburn, England

They deserve to be paid the same as people in similar jobs.

David, Wrexham, England

I think that that they do get paid too much because it's charity work and about helping other people not about the boss getting all the money.

Zara, Northwich, England