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National Geographic Traveler competition 2013 winners

See the amazing winning photos from the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2013.
It's the 25th year the competition has been on. There were 15,000 entries from photographers around the world. This image called “Thunderstorm at False Kiva” by Max Seigal took second prize overall.
“Thunderstorm at False Kiva” second prize photograph taken by Max Seigal of Boulder, Colorado
This photograph of fisherman at Bira Beach in Indonesia, by Dody Kusuma, was chosen by the public for the Viewers' Choice award.
"Another perspective of the day"
This little girl in New Zealand listens to the piano being played in this picture from Nikola Smernic called "Piano play at sunset".
"Piano play at sunset"
This picture called "Dig Me River" by Wagner Araujo shows boys running into the Rio Negro river in Brazil. It won the top prize at in the competition. The winning photos will be published in the National Geographic Traveler magazine.
National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest Grand Prize winner Wagner Araujo's image "Dig Me River" shows boys running into the Rio Negro river in Brazil.
Guanjiang Shou performers in Taiwan prepare for the show by painting their faces to look like fierce bright masks, in this shot from Chan Kwok Hung.
Performers in Taiwan prepare by painting their faces like fierce bright masks for Guanjiang Shou.
This lady in Myanmar is collecting water from the river to take back to her village. The pic is from Marcelo Salvador.
"Lady in Water"
This incredible image from Graham McGeorge pictures a screech owl blending into the bark of a tree. The birds of prey are really good at hiding and their feathers match almost perfectly with the tree's trunk.
"Portrait of an Eastern Screech Owl"
These cheeky cheetahs were photographed saying hello to tourists at the Masai Mara national park in Kenya in this picture called "Say cheese". It won third prize for photographer Yanai Bonneh.
Third prize image of cheetahs taken by Yanai Bonneh
There were plenty of amazing pics that didn't win too. This photo by Gergely Lantai-Csont hows the "The Tatahonda sect" a religious group in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These ladies have painted their faces to prepare for a ceremony.
A rare glimpse of women from The Tatahonda sect taking part in a religious ceremony.
Another runner-up from Hideyuki Katagiri is called "Sakura" which means cherry blossom in Japanese. The tree's flowers are believed to have special powers in Japan and this tree is planted near a temple there.
A picture of cherry blossom in Japan.
This picture called "Children of Reindeer" by Michelle Schantz shows Mikael Ánde who belongs to a tribe of reindeer herders. He is taking a break indoors after helping to give the animals their vaccinations.
"Children of Reindeer" shows Mikael Ánde who belongs to a tribe of reindeer herders.