Dr Who: Who should be the next Doctor?

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Who'll be the next Doctor? Joe looks at the possibilities

The wait is nearly over for Dr Who fans. In a seriously exciting move, the new Doctor will be revealed live on television this Sunday.

The identity of the 12th Doctor has been a closely-guarded secret since Matt Smith, announced he was leaving the role back in June.

We'll see him bow out in the Christmas special and be replaced by the brand new Doctor.

We want to know who you think should be the next Doctor?

Which actor has the right qualities to take on the role and why would they be good at it?

Send us your hot pick for the new Doctor!

Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor, is on BBC One at 7pm on Sunday night.

Your comments

I think that the former Merlin Colin Morgan should be the 12th Doctor as he has been in a similar position when he was in the BBC drama Merlin.

I think that rowan Atkinson should be the next doctor because it would be really funny watching him pulling funny faces whilst being chased by the Darleks.

Ellie, Wigan, England

Daniel Craig should be the next Doctor because his performance in Skyfall was terrific! Matt smith and David Tennant were inspirational, I watched every episode, I'm going to miss Matt Smith.

Harrison, Hindley. England

I think that it should be Will Smith because he is a great actor and he is very funny.

Ash, West Yorkshire, England

I would like Rowan Atkinson to be the next doctor because he is always discovering things and he is really funny.

Adam, Blackburn, England

I would like either Daniel Radcliffe to do it because he was a great actor in Harry Potter or I would like David Tennant to come back because he was really funny in it and was the best Doctor ever.

Bethan, Sandbach, England

I think it should be Miranda Hart she's a brilliant and funny actress and she'd be the first woman Doctor.

Tomos, Ruthin, Wales

I think the next Doctor should be played by a ginger person because in every regeneration the Doctor always in some way comments that he is not ginger!!!

Bethany. Redditch, England

I think that Ant and Dec should be the Doctors as a tag team because they'd be funny and there's never been two Doctors.

Ollie, Ruislip, England

I think that Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint should be the next Doctor because they are both great actors who can take on any challenge. However if there was a female Doctor that would be an amazing twist. And to portray the female Doctor I think that either Emma Watson or Helena Bonham Carter should be the female Doctor.

Charlotte, Dogsthorpe, England

I think Rupert Grint should be the next Doctor because he is a great actor and would live up to the role without hesitation.

Thomas, Abbey Village, England

I think that Idris Elba should be the next Doctor because he is great actor and he would be just as good.

Jamila, Coventry, England

I think Rupert Grint should be the next Doctor because he is funny and I think we need a Doctor with ginger hair!!

Adam, Kirkham, England

I think it should be someone who respects the show's past. They should be someone who actually likes Doctor Who. And they should be able to defeat the Daleks! How about Yonko??

Evie, Cumbria, England

I think Prince Harry should be the new Doctor who because it would be very cool seeing a Prince acting live on TV!

Kiran, Hartlepool, England

I think the new Doctor should be my Uncle Damian because he is a massive Doctor Who fan and there is no question in the universe he doesn't know.

Niamh, Epsom, England

I think Matt Smith should stay.

Christopher, Reading, England

I think it should be David Beckham.

Ollie, England

I think Ed Petrie should be the next Doctor because he's really funny and I think he'd do a good job.

Max, Peterborough, England

I think Daniel Radcliffe would be a great Doctor. Mostly because he is a fantastic actor and can take on any challenge!

Rowan, England

I think Andrew-Lee Potts should be the next Dr Who, because he was epic in Primeval, he is a fantastic actor.

Harvey, Kent, England

I think it should be Rowan Atkinson, the actor who plays Johnny English and Mr Bean!

Alanna, Pontypool, Wales

I think it should be Peter Duncan because he's really funny and makes me laugh.

Amy, Maidstone, England

I think it should be someone that has arrived into the media but is not known well, a bit like Matt Smith when he first started. The next doctor should have a different personality.

Tabitha, Guildford, Surrey

Rylan Clark or David Tennant again.

Jamie, Elgin, Scotland

I think that a child should be the Doctor as that would be very unexpected.

Joe, Milton Keynes , England

I think it should be Daniel Craig because he is a very good actor and could be a funny doctor!

Abby, Dalkeith, Scotland

Benedict Cumberbatch should be the next doctor!

Zara, Northwich, England

I think a woman should be the next Doctor or maybe an unknown actor.

Meg, Northamptonshire, England

I think it should be David Beckham because he's been a great star in football so it would be a new challenge for him.

Joe, Merseyside, England